Environmental Forces


Our personalities play only a minor role in predicting our behavior. How we act depends primarily on the situation we find ourselves in. Learn to overcome opposing environmental forces.

To know the good is to do the good.



A reminder is a visual, acoustic, or mental trigger that promotes your desired change. It reminds you to ritualize your desired outcome.

Let's look at practical examples:

You might write a list of ideal self-statements that will constitute the first thing you see when you wake up, for example, "I am confident," "I am patient," "I am kind"—whatever an ideal self means to you. Ideally, you might come up with 3 to 7 statements.

Then there are specific reminders. If you have a particular challenge or an area you would like to grow in, you might come up with a single sentence that is positive, inspiring, and written in the present tense. You can write it down or memorize it; for example, "I eat until I am no longer hungry, not until I am full."

There are no boundaries when it comes to reminders. You can think of anything that reminds you of your desired outcome. You might leave your running shoes in the hallway to remind you to go for a run. You can put a family picture on your computer's background to ensure you are not making your boss happier than your family. You can create a playlist of uplifting songs and listen to or—better—sing along with them whenever you feel down.

Do not hesitate to adjust your reminders whenever your priorities change.

As we go through the lessons, I will remind you of good opportunities to create reminders.

Now, create one physical reminder you can make instantly. For instance, write at least one ideal self-statement on a sticky note. Place the reminder where you can see it daily; an excellent place is a bathroom mirror, but make sure you choose what works for you.

What physical reminder have you created? Share your answer with the community below (login required).

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