Authentic Actions

Authentic Actions

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Jan 01, 2023 • 3 min read
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We have remembered the positive past, imagined a fantastic future, and generated concrete commitments. We are all set to make our dreams come true, right? Wrong. We can still fail. In fact, most fail at this stage despite being brilliant, being inspired, and having prepared a great plan.

It is rarely for lack of smarts or vision. It is bad execution. As simple as that: Not getting things done, being indecisive, not delivering on commitments.

— Fortune Magazine
Rupert points at the calendar while standing before "couch potatoes."
Rupert is encouraging the couch potatoes to act.

We have given our dreams milestones and deadlines. However, unless we act upon these commitments, our plan will remain just a piece of information. Transformation requires action.

Even action alone is not enough in the context of a happiness course. We aim not only to get things done but also to enjoy the journey toward our fantastic future. Otherwise, reaching our milestones would only lead to short-lived highs and long-lived misery. We can pursue our dreams while staying true to ourselves—by realizing our goals with authentic actions.

Realizing your goals with authentic actions helps you pursue a fantastic future while staying true to yourself.

In the last stage of Appreciative Goal Setting, we focus on another ingredient for success besides our strengths—our values. Our strengths help us perform well, while our values help us develop a passion for what we do. When we combine our strengths and values, we reach a peak performance zone that provides optimal conditions to achieve our goals while enjoying the journey.

What does it profit a man to gain the whole world and lose his soul?

— Jesus


Authentic actions help us achieve our goals while staying true to ourselves. As a reminder, the benefits of Appreciative Goal Setting are that it:

  • Encourages belief in ourselves and our abilities
  • Shifts our mindset from self-doubt to growth
  • Inspires and motivates us to work harder
  • Improves our mental and physical health
  • Deepens interest in our area of expertise
  • Helps us succeed and enjoy the fruits of our actions
Rupert is being himself. Berta, watch out!

Action steps

Here is how you reach a fantastic future while staying true to yourself:

  1. Create reminders for each short-term goal you have defined in the last lesson. By reminding yourself to act, you will likely repeat the steps often enough to build a routine and meet your medium- and long-term goals. Ensure you have also created reminders for any technique you have learned in this course that has worked for you. Remember, small changes will lead to significant results.
  2. Enjoy the process by doing what you like. Ensure that you have chosen your goals and techniques freely and are interested in what you do and that they align with your strengths and values. By making neither too easy nor too difficult steps and receiving immediate feedback, you will more likely reach a flow—a state in which you are immersed and absorbed in your experience that is rewarding by itself.
We do better when we enjoy.

Live with a purpose

Happiness is a journey, not a destination. A happy life is not measured by what we achieve but by how much we enjoy the journey. In a purposeful life, goals are the means, while the journey is the end. In such a life, we do not have to fear death. How could we fear not having a chance to do something when we have already done it or are doing it every day?

Rupert is pursuing his purpose every day.
The purpose of life is a life of purpose.

— Robert Byrne

Now or never

Review all lessons and ensure you have created reminders for your right fit and short-term goals.